European Union

European Exascale Projects

The European Exascale Projects combine under one roof the first phase of Exascale research related efforts funded by the European Commission (EC) - via the FP7 framework. To resolve the challenges, the Exascale future still holds, the various projects have addressed all relevant research areas: These span from innovative approaches to hardware design and programming models as well as to application development.

For an overview on the first phase of European Exascale Projects (FP7 funded), please have a look at our flyer.

In-depth information on the individual projects is available at the respective project websites.

For a lookback on the last 5 years of European Exascale Projects Research Collaboration, have a look at our brochure.

Information on the H2020 FET-HPC projects and Centres of Excellence (CoE) can be found via the exdci website.

Meet us at ISC'2016

You will find us at the show floor with our joint booth, the European Exascale Projects Booth no. 1340 from Monday, June 19 to Wednesday, June 21, 2016. In the technical conference program we participate amongst others with a BoF session on Exascale Programming Models and a workshop on prototyping.
These projects have received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 287703, 287530, 610476, 288777, 610402, 610598, 610741, 611636, and 312478 respectively.