Massimo Celino works as a research officer at ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. He is also the principal investigator of the EuroHPC project “Textarossa”. He has now become the new Chair of EuroHPC’s Cross-Project Collaboration Board. In this role, Celino brings together and promotes the collaboration efforts of the ten EuroHPC Exascale projects of the EuroHPC-19-1 call.

His tasks involve organising and chairing board meetings and ensuring that all project partners can actively work together to achieve the common goals set by the EuroHPC JU. Further, Celino’s tasks include promoting debate and discussion among the EuroHPC project partners todevelop a shared vision of future HPC and align the projects collaborations towards the EuroHPC strategy. To this end, he participates in events and conferences in order to bring the stakeholders together and foster dialogue and cooperation between the projects. This way, the projects gain visibility and the project partners are able to stimulate innovation through the EuroHPC network.

Celino has been appointed to head the Collaboration Board for a period of six months, after which time he will be succeeded by another member of the EuroHPC projects.