Exascale at HiPEAC

At the HiPEAC 2023 conference in Toulouse, the ten Exascale projects were represented in two sessions: the CONCERTO workshop on Projects Cross-Synergy in Advancing Exascale Platforms and Quantum Computing included technical presentations from DEEP-SEA and RED-SEA (https://www.hipeac.net/2023/toulouse/#/program/sessions/8006), and a full day workshop dedicated to the ten EXscale projects included well-received technical presentations of various aspects of ADMIRE, DEEP-SEA, eProcessor, IO-SEA, MAELSTROM, RED-SEA, Textarossa, and TIME-X. The presentations are al available to HiPEAC 2023 participants, and will be published on the EuroHPC Exascale projects website in due course.

More information is available on the HiPEAC website.